Game theory | The Hunter’s Share

This game is a little more life-like than the Prisoner’s Dilemma, as it involves more than two protagonists.

The aim is to gain the most points, or ‘food’, after ten rounds or so.

Imagine you are one of three hunters.

In each round of the game only one succeeds in catching prey,

and this is determined randomly by rolling dice,

so that for each round it’s not predictable who catches it.

The amount on the dice also determines the size of the catch –

so that a ‘two’ is a poor catch,

and a ‘three’ is only half of a ‘six’,

and so on.

The catch is the shared out

You the hunter can keep all of it for yourself, giving no points for the others;

or share it out any way you like,

either equally or unequally between the competitors.

Which strategy is the most successful?


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math grad - Interest: Number theory
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