Num3er 1462


1462 B




1462 A



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3 Responses to Num3er 1462

  1. Paul says:

    I like the digit reversal of one of the factors idea, It seems there are quite a number of them, however, there are far fewer that have 2 sets of divisors for a number, these are the first 4

    63504 {{144,441},{252,252}}
    101556 {{156,651},{273,372}}
    144648 {{168,861},{294,492}}
    185472 {{276,672},{384,483}}.

    <=1000000000 there are 123 in total this is the last one
    999739026 {{14586,68541},{28743,34782}}

    In all those not one with 3 ways was found, I'm wondering if there are any with 3 ways, I can't see any reason to say otherwise it may be a challenge.


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