Kasparov vs #Turing #chess

For the first time in public, Mr Kasparov played a match against Turing’s chess program live on stage at The University of Manchester’s Alan Turing Centenary Conference.

Although he won in just 16 moves, Mr Kasparov praised the prototype program called Turochamp, which was created by Turing without using a computer.
Source: eUpdate
Garry Kasparov on playing the Turing machine at chess

Kasparov vs Turing

Kasparov was full of praise for Turing’s research. He said: “I suppose you might call it primitive, but I would compare it to an early car – you might laugh at them but it is still an incredible achievement”.
“He wrote algorithms without having a computer – many young scientists would never believe that was possible. It was an outstanding accomplishment”.
“Although it’s only thinking two moves ahead, I would have thought it would give the amateur player some serious problems.
“Alan Turing is one of the very few people about who you could say that if he had lived longer the world would be a different place.”

More information: Further information about the Alan Turing Centenary Conference can be found at http://www.turing100.manchester.ac.uk/

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